5 Tips to Make OTR Trips a Little Less Stressful

OTR drivers love their jobs, from the freedom it offers to the money and opportunity to travel. However, there is little doubt that driving a truck for a living has a lot of stress related incidents to consider as well. Drivers spend a lot of time away from their families, their health may be at risk, and when things go wrong, they tend to go really wrong. The following five tips are some that can make OTR life for truck drivers a little bit easier.

1.    Live for the Moment: When you live for the moment, there’s not a lot that can bother you because you are not worried about yesterday or tomorrow. Live for the moment and enjoy it for what you can. Even bad moments can be turned into positive situations if you give that opportunity.

fleet fuel cards

2.    Money, Money, Money: Consider using fleet fuel cards while you are on the road because they are safer and far more convenient. They’ll save a lot of time and worry. If you aren’t driving with an OTR card, you should be.

3.    You Are What You Eat: Your diet impacts your mood. That is why getting a colorful diet with a variety of foods is so important. It is tempting to feast on fast food as a truck driver but it is important that you eat healthy when you possibly can.

4.    Make Sleep a Priority: Sleep can be tough to get when you are a truck driver with deadlines and schedules. However, without enough sleep, the risk of accidents increases and it impacts your mood, thinking ability, and other areas of life.

5.    Find Things You Enjoy: Life without play is never fun. Make sure to take time to do things that you love, whether you are at home or in a far away city. There’s something worth checking out no matter where you travel.


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