Launching the 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes

Launch Date: October 6-9, 2015

Launch Site: San Jose, CA

LunarCubes 5 Video

Join us for the 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes, where we bring together the best space scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to discuss, explore, and redefine the technology, collaboration and commercial strategies required to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity in space exploration.

This four day event will focus on Deep Space CubeSats, including Cislunar communication and transportation infrastructure, CubeSat science and instruments, LunarCube science and payloads, and the tools and training to support New Space startups. FinTech (Financial Technology) topics include how to build your own successful kickstarter campaign and raise the capital needed to fund your space initiatives.

So get involved, get connected, and turn your space dreams into reality at the 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes!

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Some Featured Speakers at LunarCubes 5

Belbruno Artwork
From chaos and fuzzy boundaries (no, you don't need to stay within the lines) comes mathematician, artist and author Ed Belbruno. Hear about ballistics capture theory and its implications for Mars. Ed is the author of Fly Me to the Moon and Capture Dynamics and Chaotic Motions in Celestial Mechanics. He is also the subject of a documentary entitled,Painting the Way to the Moon.
John Powel
John Powell, JP Aerospace heads a volunteer-based DIY Space Program that bills itself as America’s OTHER Space Program. John and his company have done it all: in addition to working on the Airship to Orbit program, JP Aerospace has sent PongSats and MiniCubes to the edge of space, even launching a chair and a slot machine into space.
Dan Faber
Man has mined a variety of resources over the years, including diamonds, gold, iron, copper and coal. But nothing quite as daunting as mining asteroids in space no less! Deep Space Industries is taking on the enormous challenge of prospecting, harvesting, processing, manufacturing and marketing in-space resources. DSI's Dan Faber will present.
Jim Cockrell
Cube Quest Challenge is a NASA Centennial Challenge competition. The mission is to develop small satellites able to orbit the moon and travel to deep space. This is NASA's first ever in-space challenge and has a $5.5 million prize. Jim Cockrell, Cube Quest Challenge manager at NASA's Ames Research Center will discuss the goals and overall milestones for this competition.

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