Launching the 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes

Launch Date: October 6-9, 2015

Launch Site: San Jose, CA

LunarCubes 5 Video

Join us for the 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes, where we bring together the best space scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to discuss, explore, and redefine the technology, collaboration and commercial strategies required to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity in space exploration.

This four day event will focus on Deep Space CubeSats, including Cislunar communication and transportation infrastructure, CubeSat science and instruments, LunarCube science and payloads, and the tools and training to support New Space startups. FinTech (Financial Technology) topics include how to build your own successful kickstarter campaign and raise the capital needed to fund your space initiatives.

So get involved, get connected, and turn your space dreams into reality at the 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes!

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  • September 4 - Presenters Notified*
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