The 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes

The LunarCubes Workshops have been exploring the technologies and scientific opportunities of deep space LunarCubes for the past five years.

NASA’s acceptance of the CubeSat model as critical to the future of planetary exploration is rapidly changing the nature of space exploration. The allowance of CubeSats as a component in almost all NASA proposals and The CubeQuest Centennial Challenge with a $5.5 million dollar prize pool (including at least three 6 U slots on SLS EM - 1 for deployment in Cislunar space), adds even more impetus to the growing importance of LunarCube technology.

LunarCubes 5 will again bring together scientists, engineers, investors and entrepreneurs who want to be part of the fastest moving and most exciting missions in planetary science.

Please join us to learn more about this game-changing technology!


Topics at LunarCubes 5 include:

  • NASA — JPL, CubeQuest, SLS EM - 1
  • Cislunar Communication and Transportation Infrastructure (carriers and platforms)
  • LunarCube Science and Payloads
  • Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs - Rapid Development and Commercial Opportunities in NewSpace


Working Schedule

Tuesday: Deep Space CubeSats: Concepts and Investigations
Wednesday: Deep Space CubeSats: Electronics, Processing, Command and Data Handling (Software and Hardware)
Thursday: Deep Space CubeSats: Onboard Subsystems, Ground Assets, Communication Infrastructure Models and Transportation Options
Friday: FinTech for NewSpace: There is a wave of new financial technologies ( FinTech ) in the realm of crowd sourcing that is changing the face of space exploration and space entrepreneurship. Friday’s session will focus on these new financial technologies and companies using these new funding sources.




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Important Dates

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